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The Press Brake Beginner’s course begins with the fundamentals of bending sheet metal using a Pressbrake.

This course focuses on the foundational elements of bending, and will introduce the students to machine terminology, bending methods, as well as tooling.  This course allows students to gain “hands-on” experience starting with safely operating the press brake and leading up to creating/editing basic numerical programs.


Students will learn the fundamental operations of the machine’s controller, and essential functions.

If time allows, students will be handed a blueprint to program the controller and bend parts using pre-cut material to simulate a “real world” scenario. This may be subject to material/ tooling available at time of class.

The Press Brake Advanced Operator’s course should only be attended by those who have attended our level 1 course or have experience running brakes.

This course will be a “hands-on” course while focusing on programming the brake to safely accommodate specialized bending practices that may include; free-tool mode, radius bending, hemming, offset tooling, as well as optimizing programs to streamline production runs.

Students will learn advanced tooling setups, and bending techniques that have been derived from “real world” scenarios.

If time allows, Students will be handed a blueprint for a specific part, and asked to create the program at the machine, including selecting tools, setting up the machine, running the part, making corrections, checking accuracy. This may be subject to material/ tooling available at time of class.

Our Remote programming class begins with the fundamentals of using our DiamondBend Software for creating bending programs away from the machine.

This course primarily focuses on using our offline software in conjunction with CAD software to create parts, select tooling, and model bend sequencing then sending data out to the Pressbrake.

During this class students will gain “hands-on” experience in selecting machine data, building customized tool libraries, recognizing/resolving issues in part sequencing, and exporting programs to their Pressbrake. Students will be able to use their own copy of DiamondBend (sold separately) during this online class via Microsoft Teams.

If time allows, students will be given “real-world” scenario(s) to create, import and process part(s) through DiamondBend and create a file for their Pressbrake.

Location:  Online (Microsoft Teams)

Time Commitment:  AM/PM classes; each class is (2) days

  • AM= 9:00A – 12:00P
  • PM= 1:30P – 4:30P


  • Microsoft Teams
  • DiamondBend Offline Software – If the steps below have not been completed please email our software group at
    • Software installed
    • Setup meeting completed
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Find local hotels closest to your training location, and book your reservations at special rates provided by MC Machinery Systems.


  1. Quality Inn (Schaumburg)
    600 N. Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173
    P: (847) 517-7737

    You MUST ask for the Mitsubishi/MC Machinery special room rate. The standard rate is $82.00/night.

  2. Holiday Inn Express Arlington Heights
    2111 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
    P: (847) 956-1400

    To ensure the Mitsubishi/MC Machinery preferred rate of $82.00, please inform the staff at check-in that you are here for an operation training class.

  3. Sheraton Suites Chicago Elk Grove
    121 Northwest Point Blvd, Arlington Heights, IL 60007
    P: (847) 290-1600

    To ensure the Mitsubishi/MC Machinery preferred rate of $99.00, please inform the staff at check-in that you are here for an operation training class.

  4. Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
    1160 W Devon Ave Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
    P: (847) 985-0101
    F: (847) 985-0202
    To ensure the Mitsubishi/MC Machinery preferred rate of $99.00, please inform the staff at check-in that you are here for an operation training class.


    707 Route 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054
    P: (847) 437-6010

    In order to get the special rate, enter Mitsubishi corporate ID #000516821.

    3737 Route 46 East, Parsippany, NJ 07054
    P: (847) 437-6010


    5905 Corporate Ave. Cypress, CA 90630
    P: (714) 828-4000
    F: (714) 229-0566

    Register online using Mitsubishi corporate code “MCM,” or call directly and ask for the MC Machinery/Mitsubishi rate.


    7811 Gateway Lane NW, Concord, NC 28027
    P: (704) 979-2500

    Call directly and ask for the MC Machinery/Mitsubishi rate.


    300 Commerce Valley Drive East
    Markham, ONL3T7X3
    P: (905) 709-8008

    In order to get the special room rate of $109 per night without breakfast, enter corporate account #N0514136.

    In order to get the special room rate of $115 per night with breakfast, enter corporate account #N2648918.


Travel Disclaimer

It is important to MC Machinery that all of our guests have a problem-free experience when visiting us. Please speak to your instructor, a member of our administrative staff, or your hotel front desk clerks if you are experiencing problems, and we will aim to resolve any issue promptly. Times for all Elk Grove Village, Illinois, training courses start at 9:00 AM and end anywhere from 4-5:00 PM CST. For your convenience, the main building front doors on the east side will unlock at 8:30 AM. When you arrive, please wait in the front lobby until your instructor is available to take you to your classroom. Daily hotel transportation pickup and drop-off will match training start and end times.

Start times for all classes begin at 9:00 AM at 85 Northwest Point Blvd.,Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007. Upon arrival, please use the main entrance and check in at the front desk.Please wait in the front lobby until your instructor is available to take you to your classroom. The class end times will be approximately 5:00 PM. Start times at our other facilities is generally around the same time (9:00 AM). You will be using the main facility unless otherwise noted in your confirmation documentation.

Note 1: To be fair to all of our customers, we will only guarantee two seats from any one company per class. If you would like to send more students, please contact the training schedulers at 630-616-7701 to start a separate waiting list for the class. On the Wednesday of the week before the class, if there are any openings left, we will open the seating and contact companies based upon the earliest request for the spot.

Note 2: Unless otherwise stated in writing on the sales contract, training is provided free of charge to our customers under the original manufacturer’s warranty period only. This does not apply to extended service warranties past that date. No class credit will be retained if your company elects not to send students during the warranty period. For all other situations, there is a minimal charge per student. If you are a Triple Diamond member, there are discounts applied.

Note 3: Under the 1994 Workforce Investment Act (WIA),your state, in cooperation with the federal government, can provide grants to offset completely the charges noted above. The grants do not cover transportation costs. For more information, contact our scheduling staff.

Note 4: All classroom training is subject to equipment availability. Guarantees offered as a condition of sale DO NOT supersede this. Older models will gradually be replaced at our training centers, which will restrict and eventually eliminate classroom training for that specific machine model. Usually, this occurs around a year after that model is no longer being manufactured, in order to make room so we can train on the current machines being sold. After this time, training can still be done at your facility, but there is a charge for this. Classes are deliberately held to a specific student number that allows maximum “hands-on” time.

Note 5: Sometimes, it is necessary to reschedule or cancel classes. We try our best to avoid this, but in the course of business, this situation can occur. MC Machinery reserves the right to cancel classes up to a week before the scheduled date, without liability. It is therefore strongly recommended that customers refrain from the purchase of “non-refundable” airline tickets. If your class is canceled, we will work with you on rescheduling, and your students will be given priority for the next class.

The following terms and conditions apply to all training sessions conducted by MC Machinery Systems, Inc., here with known as MMS. Any additional or different terms or conditions shall not be deemed in effect unless previously agreed to in writing by authorized agents of MMS. Any attempt to substitute, modify, or add different terms are here by expressly rejected and shall be of no force or effect. Class attendance will be limited to machine and/or instructor availability.


The state of Illinois, USA, shall govern the validity, performance, and construction of any contract entered into between MC Machinery Systems, Inc.,and Purchaser. When a company sends a student to our class, it is assumed that a verbal contract is in force between that company and MC Machinery Systems, with agreement of all conditions contained in this document.


Class attendance is open to any individual over 18 years of age who has a desire to learn the operation and optimization of products sold by MC Machinery Systems, Inc. This applies as long as they do not work for any competing product line or intend to provide alternative services in direct competition to MMS. Registration of all of our technical courses can be done through any of the following methods:

  1. Call our central facility at 630-616-5900 and listen to the electronic menu. As soon as the recording starts, push “4” on your keypad. Our friendly, attentive support staff will take your company information and be able to offer you a selection of classes. They will be able to assist you in the registration process.
  2. 24 hours a day,you can see our scheduling calendar, book hotels, and register for a class online at the MC Machinery website by visiting this address: Once your information is in our system, we will follow up with an email confirmation. If, for whatever reason, the class is not available,we will assist you in alternative scheduling.


It should be noted that class content has changed significantly to provide a richer, more in-depth experience for the user. The old Basic, Intermediate, and Advance class subject matters have been extensively reviewed and refined. In the new Machine Fundamentals(or Level 1) classes, the primary emphasis now is on machine fundamentals. The functions and operation of the control, how to setup a job, and an introduction to programming are the primary subjects. In the new Level 2 course,the content mainly deals with optimizing processes and will look more at the applications used on the machine.

As noted in the various class syllabuses, attendance in the Optimization& Application Strategies(or Level 2) course assumes that the user has a good grasp of the use of the machine, obtained through having received Level 1 course instruction and/or extensive actual use of the equipment. Customers should not assume that the Level 2 course would cover the topics presented in the Level 1 course. Please see the individual course description for entry requirements.


MC Machinery reserves the right to reschedule, cancel, or delay training if attendance does not meet a minimum level, or for other circumstances beyond its control. Notification of cancellation by MMS will be given not later than 14 days before the scheduled class start. Because of this potential,it is strongly suggested that students not use non-refundable tickets for travel.

Rescheduling by the customer is done at no charge if MMS is notified with a minimum of 14 days’ notice. Rescheduling after that point is subject to a fee equal to 30% of the course tuition if received at any period less than two weeks but more than 72 hours. Cancellation within 72 hours of class start date or failure to notify cancellation or attend class without prior notice will result in a forfeiture of all fees, in the case of paid customers. In the case of customers under the warranty period, non-attendance or cancellation without prior notice may void their right to future free instruction.


Certificates will only be given out upon completion of the entire class. Students who do not complete will be given an attendance record, upon request, to deliver to their companies. This applies to late arrivals of more than two hours on the first day and early departures on the last day of class.


It is the policy of MMS that the use, sale, transfer, or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the company premises, or in any private vehicle parked on MC Machinery Systems, Inc.’s property,is expressly prohibited. In addition, MMS reserves the right to refuse instruction to students attending any training session or operating any equipment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If a condition exists where a student is on doctor-prescribed medication during the period of class attendance, it is required that the instructor be informed immediately.Conditions where the students are pregnant, susceptible to allergic reaction, or prone to dizziness, fainting,or seizure may impact or restrict non-classroom (lab) activities at the discretion of the instructor. Prior notification is requested. If MMS determines that an individual is attending a training session while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be asked to leave that session immediately. The operator may be allowed back into class the following day if their company contacts us before the return.

Note: MMS will have no fixed responsibility to go back over material covered during the student’s absence because of this issue.


In order to provide the best learning conditions, students are requested to maintain a positive, attentive demeanor while receiving instruction. This applies to their interactions with fellow students and the class instructor while on MMS property. Sleeping in class or other disruptive, lewd, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the student being asked to leave the building immediately. If this is necessary, all paid fees will be forfeited, and their company will be immediately contacted.


Cell phones and pagers should be turned off during class. If an emergency occurs and it is necessary to contact the student, please call our office at 630-616-5900, and we will immediately pull that student from class to return the call. In cases where a student must return home for a legitimate reason, they will be allowed to attend another class. Fees accrued will be applied toward that alternative class as long as less than 50% of instruction has occurred. Outgoing calls using MMS phones should use credit cards or be made collect.


At MMS, business casual attire is requested at all training sessions. No public nudity, shorts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, torn or ripped clothing, swimwear, pajamas, shirts with offensive slogans or logos, open-toed shoes,or sandals will be permitted in any training environment. Students arriving at class dressed inappropriately will be asked to leave that session and not return until they have changed.


Smoking is prohibited inside any MMS facility at all times. Designated outside smoking areas will be defined during the initial class orientation for use before or after class and during set break times.


Payment for Training: Where payment is required to attend our instruction, all fees need to be resolved and are due prior to the first day of class commencement or on-site visit. If MMS has not received payment or a valid purchase order prior to that point, we reserve the right to refuse or deny entry into class and the student will be asked to leave. Under special circumstances, last-minute payment by credit card and/or certified check will be considered.The prices specified for any classroom or on-site training session are valid for 60 days. There after, such prices are subject to change, without notice, to prices in effect at the time of purchase order acceptance. All costs are quoted in U.S.dollars.


Classroom training costs vary upon the situation. Level 1 and 2 classroom training at one of our facilities is free for up to a maximum of three students per visit, at any time during the warranty of your EDM. For customers out of warranty or who purchase used late-model machines where we still offer formal classroom instruction, please contact the training scheduler at 630-616-5900 for rates and availability. Specialized two-day classes are offered on a random basis. These classes may require a fee to attend. Again, contact the training scheduler for rates and availability.

Note: The customer will assume any travel or hotel expenses. In most cases,we have agreements with specific local hotels to provide transportation to and from the airport and between our facility and the hotel. A lunch is provided daily at no cost.


Paid on-site training will not occur unless charge issues are resolved prior to the first visit date. In order to minimize costs to customers, it is a standard practice to book lower-priced, non-refundable airfare tickets. Once the ticket has been issued, if a trip cancellation occurs by customer request, they will be liable for the costs of said ticket.Some costs are estimated (such as travel hours) and will vary in hourly charges based upon the age of the machine. Please contact the Service Customer Support Manager at 630-616-5900. Quote estimates can be provided upon request.

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