What Mitsubishi Electric’s Acquisition of ASTES4 SA Means for MC Machinery

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, an established MC Machinery automation solutions partner, has announced the acquisition of ASTES4 SA (ASTES4), a company based in Switzerland that is engaged in the development, production, and sales of patented automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines.

By acquiring ASTES4, Mitsubishi Electric will support MC Machinery in further strengthening its lineup of automation systems with sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing. This will provide our valued customers with integrated solutions that require less manual loading, unloading, and sorting to realize higher productivity and efficiency. The company aims to further expand its worldwide business through this acquisition.

“This acquisition by our global partner Mitsubishi Electric is exciting to us at MC Machinery because it means our customers now have direct access to a premium sorting solution for their laser automation needs,” says Shane Herendeen, North America sales manager for fabrication at MC Machinery. “Shops of all sizes are requiring more speed and agility to get the job done and sorting can be a bottleneck if you don’t have the right solution in place.”

Sheet metal laser processing involves loading the material, laser cutting, unloading cut materials as well as removing and sorting cut parts from the frame. Lately, the worldwide demand for such sorting solutions is on the rise. ASTES4 provides flexible automated sorting solutions using its own patented technology with superior system engineering capabilities that can integrate the entire automation system.

“We are looking forward to incorporating the premier patented technology of ASTES4 with our industry-leading automation systems sold in North America,” says Herendeen. “Our automation customers already have an advantage and it’s very exciting to be a part of what we feel is the best “next step” in the process.”