Graphite machining centers are widely used in the aerospace industry to produce quality electrodes for die sinking applications. This process provides a robust process that machines very tough materials to exacting tolerances with little or no part distortion.

Common applications include:

Aerospace engine components: Graphite is commonly used as an EDM electrode material due to its low wear rate and ability to handle high currents. Graphite milling centers can manufacture precise graphite electrodes for EDM processes used in aerospace manufacturing, such as shaping turbine blades, vanes and fuel injector nozzles. Many of these processes are automated.

Satellite and spacecraft components: Graphite machining centers play a vital role in producing electrode forms used to manufacture rocket engine and guidance systems.

Aerospace tooling: Graphite machining centers are also used to produce tooling components for aerospace applications, including molds, dies, jigs and fixtures used in the manufacturing of aircraft parts.