GH Basic Series

A well-balanced combination of productivity, performance, and price, making this hydraulic swing beam shear a prime entry point for future-forward fabricators.

The GH Basic shear is the perfect solution for users that demand technology and quality with an accessible investment. With industrial concepts, such as modularization and standardization, the GH Basic Series hydraulic swing beam shear offers a compelling solution to modern metal cutting problems up to 13 mm.

Finally, an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain machine designed to adapt not just today, but every day—and well into the future—is firmly within reach.

GH Basic Series


  • GH Basic Series shears offer the perfect combination of power and performance, all at an achievable, cost-effective level. 


  • Featuring a NC controller and easy to use—and easy to master— with manual and automatic programming modes, these shears offer power, function, and utility all in one single, rugged package.


  • GH Basic Series shears are easy to operate, making it easier for your operators to do their best work time and time again—no matter the job or specifications in front of them. Plus, the rugged construction of this machine helps ensure not only the uncompromising quality of your work product, but the overall longevity of your machine investment.


  • Available from 6 mm to 13 mm in 3 meters length.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Proven reliability.
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.
  • High-quality standards.
  • Competitive price.
  • Optionally with thin gauge support table


  • Hydraulic swing beam shear;
  • Welded frame and blade beam, monoblock type;
  • Back gauge swinging up at the end of stroke to allow for plates wider than the back gauge range to be cut;
  • Automatic swing up of the back gauge during the cut;
  • Manual device for the quick and synchronized adjustment of the blade clearance;
  • Small rake angle guaranteeing a minimum twist of the cut-offs;
  • Cutting length easily programmed on the integrated NC control;
  • Holddown pressure is considerable and completely proportional to the shearing force itself, preventing thin and delicate materials from being marked;


  • Machine equipped with the moveable Adiramatic 4087 control, with an interactive system of programming and dialogue with the operator, programmable memory, direct programming of the back gauge measurement, programming of the length cut, memory capacity up to 50 programs with 50 programing lines each, adjustment of the number of repetitions of the program and direct conversion to mm/inches.
MODEL GH 0630 GH 1030 GH 1330
Cutting Capacity
Mild Steel (45daN/mm) (mm) 6.5 10 13
Stainless Steel (70daN/mm2) (mm) 4 6.5 8
Cutting Length (mm) 3,050
Frame Gap (mm) 260
Rake Angle 11/3 2 2
Blade Clearance Adjustment (mm) 0.05 – 1.1 0.05 – 1.6 0.05 – 2
Number of Holddowns 13 16 16
Back Gauge Range (mm) 1,000
Strokes/Minute 13 7 6

MC Machinery and Adira form Partnership

Visitors Encouraged to See to Believe


  • "For a small metal fabrication job shop, the increased capacity significantly changes the dynamics of how quickly we can get caught up when behind. When we searched the market, the Mitsubishi lasers were the best option."

    Matthew Bishop, COO at United Mechanical & Metal Fabricators, Inc.
  • "We were just looking for the best-quality machines that would give us the best opportunity to be successful in the industry. We wanted machines that would allow us to make them fast once the requests started coming in."

    Ken Hall, Plant Manager at CenMac

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