The ELEMENT is a big step for automation that thrives in even the tightest spaces. Maximize your machine’s potential, even in a small shop with limited floor space.

If floor space is a hot commodity at your shop, and you are looking to achieve the maximum throughput, can you still access all the benefits of industrial automation?

We have some good news. The answer is yes, and the SmartFlex ELEMENT is here to back us up.

The SmartFlex ELEMENT is a quick and efficient material loading and unloading system. But its small footprint combined with its ability to work in fully lights-out situations makes it a pocket-sized productivity powerhouse. Sometimes the best things in life really do come in small packages.


  • Our laser automation line is fully modular, giving you and your shop the perfect opportunity to create a machining and fabrication solution that’s custom-built to your exact specifications. And with configurations that require up to 30% less floorspace than other setups, designing the setup that’s right for you has never been easier or more cost-effective.


  • From small fabrication shops to massive lights-out operations, our laser automation line comes ready with a wide range of options that make it a great fit in nearly any scenario. This isn’t something you’ll need to replace in 5 years.


  • Not sure where to get started? Not to worry. Our laser automation experts will work with you to determine the right combination of machines, storage towers, product carts, and break-in stations. Together, we’ll help you create an adaptable, future-forward solution you can rely on to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.
Smartflex Element

SmartFlex Element Type R

An updated and improved version of one of our best-selling automation systems, the Type-R is now expandable! With a fast 75-second load/unload time, a narrow, 19’x54’ footprint, and a robust ¾” capacity, the ELEMENT Type-R can handle whatever you throw at it. The Type-R comes standard with two raw material shelves and a floor-mounted finished goods area.

SmartFlex Element Warehouse Type R

Our ELEMENT Warehouse Type-R adds additional storage to our already impressive ELEMENT Type-R automation system. Choose configurations from 6 to 14 raw material shelves for even more flexibility. That space-saving 20’x53’ footprint remains virtually unchanged and the Warehouse tower can be retrofitted to any ELEMENT Type-R at any time! Grow with confidence with the ELEMENT Type-R.


  • 95 second load and unload cycle time and a small 19’x54’ footprint (including GXF laser) make the ELEMENT Type-R ideal for quick-turnaround, high-volume production needs in narrow spaces
  • Vacuum load with thickness detection, sheet separation, and now including Aerial Positioning
  • Robust ¾” sheet capacity
  • The ELEMENT Type-R Base can be expanded by adding a Warehouse unit for a total of 6-14 Shelves.


  • ELEMENT Type-R comes standard with two load pallets and one floor located offload station


  • Fully compatible with DiamondFAB laser automation software
Element Type-R System Specifications
Cycle Time 95 sec (Sheet Load), 110 sec (Pallet Sweep-Sheet Load)
Load Weight Limit 6,600 lbs………..
Unload Weight Limit 6,600 lbs……….. (Floor Mounted Skid)
Load Features Aerial Positioning, Sheet Separation, Thickness Detection
System Footprint 19′ x 54′
Shelf Count Two Load Shelves, One Unload Location
Element Warehouse System Specifications
Cycle Time 95 sec (Sheet Load), 110 sec (Pallet Sweep-Sheet Load
Load Weight Limit 6,600 lbs.
Unload Weight Limit 6,600 lbs.
System Footprint 20’ x 52′
Shelf Count 6 Shelf Configurable Load and Unload
Max Shelf Count 10-14 with Mid-frame options

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