The Mitsubishi Laser SmartFlex Automation line allows laser operations to move faster and more efficiently than ever before. Not only will operations run smoothly but so will material-handling and inventory-tracking with the River Navigation System.

Exactly how can SmartFlex Automation solutions prove useful? For one, all SmartFlex Automation lines are expandable to grow with any changing needs. They also include:

  • aerial positioning
  • automatic sheet separation and thickness detection
  • quick heavy-duty load and unload cycles
  • 6,000 lbs. capacity storage towers
  • automated SmartStation carts

The multiple models offer various benefits including the ability to service up to four lasers with one system and smaller, space-saving, units that fit in the tightest of places. The SmartFlex RAPID Automation system is the fastest system with a load/unload cycle time of 52 seconds and the SmartFlex COMPACT is the perfect system for short-run jobs with the ability to grow alongside your shop. Both series include additional configurations which can be found by clicking on the links above, respectively.

The River Navigation System provides an easy automation setup that allows it to schedule multiple products runs in one shift — maximizing workflow while minimizing labor. The system can also easily expand to accommodate future company growth. It accommodates most sheet sizes and holds up to 6,000 lbs per shelf.