XL-F Series

A large-sized fiber laser that brings fine, high-precision processing to projects of nearly any size.

This large-size laser processing machine gives you the ability to apply the precision cutting prowess of fiber lasers to large, wide, or irregularly shaped workpieces. By eliminating the number of fabrication, bending, and welding processes required for each project, the XL-F produces excellent, strong, seamless, high-quality work in less time—and money—than you’d expect.

And best of all, the XL-F sports a fully modular design, making it an easy fit with existing or future expansions. Whether you’re in the middle of refitting your entire shop for unmanned production or still exploring your options, this unit’s fully modular design gives you the freedom to pair it with new technologies at your convenience.

XL-F Series


  • The inherent versatility of a high-quality Mitsubishi fiber laser makes the XL-F a very useful machine. But this machine can cut more than a diverse range of materials. From being 75% less costly to operate than traditional CO2 lasers to an on-board ECO MODE that saves on power consumption, the XL-F can help you cut costly inefficiencies out of your business.


  • The XL-F comes loaded with various automatic components that require less human interaction to do its job. Combined with its ability to process diverse materials—including highly reflective materials like aluminum, brass, and copper—and an intuitive, on-board CNC control that makes day-to-day operations simple and efficient for all users, the XL-F is the hands-off, heavy-duty workhorse your shop will love.


  • Compared to traditional CO2 laser fabrication, fiber lasers combine maximum edge quality with high cutting speeds that produce more work, faster, while requiring fewer resources. The same components that make these machines more productive also make them easier to maintain, resulting in far less downtime overall.


  • Reduces processing time as much as 50% thanks to its high-speed, heavy-duty motion system
  • 10.5’ x 26.5’ travel range allows hassle-free processing of big parts (up to 10’ x 26’) without a reposition or witness marks
  • Beats traditional processing ranges and capabilities (including 1” capacity carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum) with Mitsubishi’s groundbreaking “Zoom head” design
  • The Zoom head allows you to achieve uncompromising quality and unparalleled production speeds thanks to on-board programming that automatically sets optimal beam diameter, focal length, and mode
  • The Zoom head also reduces need for centering and recentering of cutting head, and reduces the amount of time-consuming lens cleaning or cartridge changing thanks to its sealed design
  • Easy access to processing area makes setup and changes faster and easier
  • The XL-F is automation-capable right from day 1!


  • An ultra-rigid, ultra-stable, single-platform, Dianite-cast machine frame to ensure optimal stability and processing accuracy—even at high speeds
  • A heavy-duty, high-speed pallet changer to maximize your throughput capacity
  • Heavy-duty, autonomous 1” capacity shuttle tables, which allow for free unloading/reloading even while the other table remains in operation
  • A Mitsubishi safety package (includes full side covers and automatic door for processing area)
  • Magnetic crash protection
  • Changes beam spot size from 130 to 400 micron
  • TEM00 or TEM01 beam mode
  • 40mm total focal range (3.5” to 10”)


  • PC-based, 64-bit NC control has touchscreen user interface and full network capability


  • remote360°-enabled (remote user monitoring, diagnostics, service support, and more)
Machine Specs
Available Platform ML 6030 XL-F ML 8030 XL-F
Machine Structure Welded frame with precision helical rack and pinion, direct drives
X – Axis Stroke 255.9” (6500mm)  318.9” (8100mm)
Y – Axis Stroke 126” (3200mm) 126” (3200mm)
Z – Axis Stroke 5.9” (150mm) 5.9” (150mm)
Maximum Work Piece Size 240.16” (6100mm) x 120.08” (3050 mm) 314.96” (8000mm) x 120.08” (3050mm)
Maximum Processing Feed Rate 1970 in/min (50 m/min) 1970 in/min (50 m/min)
Maximum Work Piece Weight 8050 lbs. (3651.4 kg) 9780 lbs. (4436.1 kg)
Table Pass Height 34.6” (879 mm) 34.6” (879mm)
Rapid Travel Speed 3346” (85 m/min) combined 3940” (100 m/min) combined
Positioning Precision 0.0019”/20” (0.05/500 mm) 0.0019”/20” (0.05/500 mm)
Repeatability ±0.00039” (0.0099 mm) ±0.00039” (0.0099 mm)
Machine Unit Dimensions 813.4 x 112.9 x 342.1 962.9 x 112.9 x 342.1
Machine System Weight 48432 (21968kg) 75000 (34020kg)
Zoom Processing Head optional standard
Mitsubishi Oscillator Specs
Available Output Power (CW) 4 kW, 6 kW, 8kW, 10kW 4 kW, 6 kW, 8kW, 10kW
Wavelength 1.07µm 1.07µm


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  • "“We’re excited with all of the things that Mitsubishi Laser is bringing to the marketplace because it helps us achieve our goals of being profitable and having sustainable growth."

    Si Cha, Olympic Steel's plant manager of the Buford location’s Fabrication Division learn more
  • "It is just a mind-blowing, amazing machine. I had never been sold on fiber lasers because of micro-burr and concerns about edge quality, but the GX-F has burr reduction technology that makes burr non-existent."

    Cody Waggoner, President of Lasernut learn more

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