Certified, Pre-Owned Machinery Program: Trade In and Trade Up

Trade In and Trade Up

MC Machinery’s Encore program provides an avenue for our customers to trade in their existing Mitsubishi equipment when upgrading to a new Mitsubishi product.

Swapping out old equipment for new equipment with advanced technologies offers manufacturers many benefits.  Such as:

  • Reduces scrap rates and maintenance costs
  • Improves cycle times with faster cutting speeds
  • Improves surface finishes and cut quality
  • Provides increased uptime and reliability

Call us today at 630-616-5920 to find out how you can trade in and trade up.

How We Do It

MC Machinery’s Encore program started in 1999.  We take in, assess, tear down, and rebuild our ‘certified’ pre-owned machines so that they meet all the original factory specifications.  We spend over 100 skilled labor hours on each rebuild.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned machine directly from Encore:

  • All safety devices are tested and approved before shipment
  • Multi-point inspection is completed and approved
  • Customers receive a factory warranty on parts & labor on certified machines
  • Installation & training are included
  • Machine manuals are provided in a digital format

We take in EDM machines, Lasers, and Press Brakes.