Bending redefined.

Bending technology can streamline workflow, optimize energy consumption, minimize day-to-day operating costs, boost production speeds and achieve greater operating efficiencies.

That’s why MC Machinery offers the industry’s widest selection of CNC press brakes, ranging from 30- to 2,000-ton capacities and between three and 17 axes. And with smart, value-added features and options—including DiamondSoft® software with auto tooling, collision-check, tool layout, bend reports, and back-gauge editing—our technology can’t be beaten.

Best of all, we back each press brake machine with our industry-leading service and support.

Electric Press Brakes

Our energy-efficient, all-electric BB Series of Mitsubishi press brakes has performance-enhancing features that are perfect for meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements facing today’s fabricators.

BB Series CNC press brakes are the perfect blend of serious bending power and cost-efficient operation that doesn’t sacrifice quality or output.

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Hybrid Press Brakes

Searching for the perfect blend of serious bending power and cost-efficient operation that doesn’t sacrifice quality or output?

The BH Series of Mitsubishi hybrid press brakes have a patented dual-drive design that combines the best of both servo hydraulic and electric bending: productivity, precision, high-speed movement, reliability, and superior energy savings.

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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Ranging from entry-level hydraulic all the way up to heavy-duty, fully customized solutions that cover any of your requirements for sheet metal forming, our PA Series and PH Series of ADIRA press brakes represent the apex of pounds-to-performance for industrial bending.

In addition to their robust production capabilities, the PA Series and PH Series of hydraulic press brakes are equipped with intuitive operator controls that take the stress out of day-to-day operation for operators of any skill level.

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Press Brake Automation

A press brake fitted with a Mitsubishi automatic tool changer (ATC) can manage and optimize your workflow to save time, money, and labor. Avoid and actively prevent costly downtime and product defects. Fine-tune your shop with unmatched programmability, functionality, and real-time, cloud-based machine insights. Whatever the challenge, there’s a press brake automation solution that can help.

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