Eagle G5 Precision

For when the utmost in exacting precision is required, the Eagle G5 Precision rises to the challenge.

Manual operation or fully automated? Graphite or copper electrodes? Easy access or easy operation? For those who can’t afford to compromise, the Eagle G5 Precision is a machine designed to be exactly what you need it to be in any situation. Its unique enclosure design allows you to create the most detailed tools possible in a stable, highly accurate environment—but not at the cost of usability or accessibility.

If you’re looking for a machine you can trust to consistently deliver excellence, we’d like to introduce you to the Eagle G5 Precision.

Eagle G5 Precision


  • The machine delivers optimum results especially in multicavity machining—with incredibly low wear!
  • The new Eagle PowerSPARK Generator makes it possible to achieve unique
    surface qualities with graphite that no one would have imagined.
  • The new and fully closed design of the Eagle G5 Precision, in combination with the active temperature control, provides extremely high thermal stability, which is essential
    for maximum precision and perfect results—both with graphite and copper electrodes.


  • The Eagle G5 Precision sports a fully encapsulated design that allows it to achieve such high temperatures and quality, without limiting manual accessibility and full automation capabilities.
  • In combination with a new and more powerful drive and control package from
    a single source of innovative, user-friendly programming software, the Eagle G5 Precision comes standard with numerous new functions. The Eagle G5 Precision is the prototype of a new generation of EDM machines.


  • The Eagle G5 Precision is a hit with hundreds of owners and operators, who continue to comment on the unprecedented level of precision and surface quality—all with minimum wear to their machine.
  • Cost-effective performance comes built into the Eagle G5 Precision through robust utility, components that wear out less, and results that can meet any quality standard.


  • Maximum precision
  • Increased thermal stability
  • More than 50% less wear during finishing
  • Matte-glossy surfaces with graphite up to VDI 8
  • Completely optimized: Generator – Control – Design – Software
  • 40% shorter machining times
  • Significant reduction of production times
  • Active dielectric cooling
  • Position and geometric compensation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Increase of precision and repeatability
Machine weight lb. (kg) 11,795 (5,350)
Generator weight lb. (kg) 1,411 (640)
Power input kVA 16
Fuse protection A 32
Voltage / Frequency V/Hz 400/60
Type Rise and fall tank – filled movable
Clear dimensions (L x W x H) inch (mm) 30.3 x 26.4 x 17.3 (770 x 670 x 440)
Dielectric fluid level max. programmable/automatic inch (mm) 14.7 (375)
Max. head load lb. (kg) 220 (100)
Distance electrode-clamping chuck to work table min./max. inch (mm) 5.3/23.0 (135/585)*
Rotation Speed (adjustable) RPM 1-20
Angle positioning degree 0.001
Load capacity for manual electrode change lb. (kg) 110 (50)*
Load capacity for automatic electrode change lb. (kg) 33 (15)*
Movement of inertia, max. lb./ft2 (kg/m2) 9.5 (0.4)*
Surface (L x W) inch (mm) 29.5 x 25.6 (750 x 650)
Load capacity lb. (kg) 2200 (1,000)
X / Y / Z inside the work tank inch (mm) 20.7 x 15.7 x 17.7 (525 x 400 x 450)
Y (by electrode changing position) inch (mm) 26.6 (675)
HMI OS Windows® 7 ultimate
Type of drive digital AC-servo Direct-drive Ball screw
X, Y, Z rapid traverse inch/min. (mm/min.) 197 (5,000)
Power Jump Z max. inch/min. (mm/min.) 708 (18,000)
Power Jump Plus X,Y (option) inch/min. (mm/min.) 197 (5,000)
Filter system Cartridge (integrated)
Filter surface area sq.ft. (m2) 172 (16)
Dielectric fluid, total volume gal. (ltr.) 106 (400)
Type (option) Direct pick-up rotary disc
Positions (option) 20 (30)
Electrode weight
– Single electrode lb. (kg) 33 (15)*
– Total weight lb. (kg) 132 (60)*
Type (Option) PT60 (PT110) Adaptive current
Machining power, max. (option) A 60 (110)
Automatic lubrication Standard
Chiller, cooling power kW 3.9
CO2-fire extinguisher, DIN 14497, size lb. (kg) 13 (6)

The indicated values are maximum values that can be lower depending on the selected clamping system.
We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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