Put your machines to work.

To make informed, responsible business decisions, you need data—but not just any data. You need the right data. That’s why you rely on your workers and machine operators. Their firsthand insight into your day-to-day operations helps you stay efficient, productive, and profitable.

But they’re not the only ones on your shop floor with something important to say. If your machines could talk, what would they want to tell you?

Maybe your automated fiber laser cell would help you find a better balance between uptime, throughput, and cost savings with up-to-the-minute performance diagnostics, maintenance alerts, and machine data. Or maybe your wire EDM would want you to know when it’s going to run out of wire. That way, you could so something about it ahead of time—instead of after it happens.

It’s too bad you can’t speak machine. But don’t worry, we can.

Remote Monitoring

On the shop floor, surprises can mean unexpected downtime, costly maintenance emergencies, productivity losses, blown deadlines, and more.

Remote360 is a web-based production monitoring and support tool that gives you real control over your business with real-time performance diagnostics accessible from your desktop, cell phone, or tablet. But it doesn’t stop there.

With remote360, you can even fine-tune your shop floor to maximize uptime and optimize throughput, or get alerts and notifications that let you respond to new situations as they arise.

When you’re on the hunt for new ways to push the boundaries on your production line’s performance, data’s one thing you can never have too much of.

[Data] provides the insights to prioritize opportunities, test assumptions, find waste, and guide continuous improvement processes.

Tony Imbrogno, Sr. VP of Operations/Customer Service & Support
MC Machinery



Remote Support

When you have an issue that’s affecting your productivity, you have an issue with your business’ bottom line. That’s not an issue—that’s a serious problem. And problems need to be solved quickly.

With remote360, you’ll have access to remote support that allows many application and service issues to be diagnosed and resolved in real time. With the press of a button, your operator can grant our technicians the ability to remotely tunnel into your machine and help you resolve issues, upload or download programs, push software updates,and more—no delays, no headaches, and no more hangups.

But we also know that,sometimes, you just need a little human interaction to get things done. That’s why our national service network is always just a phone call away for anything you might need—from advice on planning your floor layout to installation, on-site training, machine support, and more.

“When a customer buys from MC Machinery Systems, they’re getting more than just another approved vendor in the accounting system.”

Tony Imbrogno, Sr. VP of Operations/Customer Service & Support
MC Machinery



Proactive Diagnostics

Real-time monitoring and diagnostics utilizing feedback sent to our network of service engineers are now as easy to find as they are easy to use.

Faster, more accurate support means more uptime. More uptime means higher profitability, easier operation, and better, more cost-effective results—all achieved by machines running at peak efficiency.

With remote360, the path to a smarter, faster, more profitable future for your workers, your machine shop, and you is never far away.

“Manufacturers need data to identify and prioritize problems that are impacting performance and competitiveness.”

Tony Imbrogno, Sr. VP of Operations/Customer Service & Support
MC Machinery



Remote360 for Wire EDM

Remote360 allows you to monitor the following resource consumption and performance indicators on wire EDM machines:

  • Wire Remaining
  • Program Completion Monitor
  • Wire Breakage and Insert Monitors
  • Working Voltage
  • Water Quality

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